January 7, 2019
by Ann Mausbach
Creighton University Educational Leadership
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Monday after Epiphany
Lectionary: 212

1 John 3:22-4:6
Psalms 2:7bc-8, 10-12
Matthew 4:12-17, 23-25

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This past holiday season we were able to host some relatives from Arizona. It snowed several inches to the delight of many of our visitors since most of them rarely, if ever, see snow. The kids and the adults alike were mesmerized by the snow. They took pictures, they made snowmen, they played it in, they ate it. Every time you turned around one of the little kids was doing something with the snow. The snow was like this magnetic force that just kept drawing everyone into its beauty.

Today’s Gospel is reminding us of the wonder of Jesus’s light in the world and is asking us to revel in it much as my relatives did in the snow. The gospel tells us we do this by repenting, which may sound heavy and scary, but can actually look a lot like playing in the snow. God wants us to roll around in his light, to keep our eyes on it, to think and talk about it. He wants us to share it with others. In doing this we are disposing to change our life for the better, which is the definition of repent.

In this season of New Year’s Resolutions Jesus’ example of keeping God’s promise serves as a reminder to us. Let us pray that we keep our promises making changes for the better so we can live in His light.

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