Daily Reflection
April 17th, 1999
Tamora Whitney
Acts 6:1-7
John 6:16-21

The disciples are in a boat, in a storm when they see Jesus walking across the water to them. They are afraid.  They are already afraid because of the rough seas.  They are trying to reach the shore and cannot do it because of the wind and weather.  Seeing Jesus walk to them across the waves is then amazing to say the least.  But he says to them, It is I, do not be afraid.

Lately Ive felt very much like I was lost in a storm.  I wasnt really sure I would make it to shore.  Its been a struggle to remember that Jesus was really there, saying to me, It is I, do not be afraid.  Ive been hoping for a miracle.  The gospel today is part of a miracle series.  This comes directly after the loaves and the fishes, and in the next few lines of todays gospel the people realize that the disciples left alone to cross the lake, and then realize that Jesus is with them on the other side.  There is only one boat.  The only way for Jesus to get across is the miracle.  He had to walk on the water.

The psalm today talks about faith as well. Lord, let your mercy be on us,  as we place our trust in you.  Its sometimes hard, especially in rough waters, to trust in Jesus.  Its hard to remember that he is always there, especially walking over rough waters, and is always ready to give his mercy.  But then he walks up to us and says, It is I, do not be afraid.

I know I have lately been afraid, and its been a struggle to remember that Jesus is merciful and that He relieves our fears.  When Jesus came aboard the boat, they were immediately at the shore they had been struggling toward.  The waves were rough.  The wind was strong.  They were in serious physical danger.  They were trying to get to shore, but because of the weather conditions it was possible they would not make it.  As soon as Jesus comes to them, as soon as they put their trust in Him and accept Him, then immediately their struggles cease.  Immediately there is nothing more to be afraid of.  The danger is over.  The waves and wind are calmed, and they are safe on shore.

In the midst of our own storms and fears we need to place our trust in Jesus.  As immediately as he brought the disciples to the shore they were struggling toward, He can bring us safe to shore.  By placing our trust in Jesus, by accepting Him in the midst of our struggles, our fears can be calmed and our storms can cease.  Remember, He is always there saying, It is I, do not be afraid.

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