Daily Reflection
April 29th, 1999
Larry Gillick, S.J.
The Deglman Center for Ignatian Spirituality
Acts 13:13-25
John 13:16-20

In the first reading of today's Catholic liturgy, we hear Paul seizing the moment.  He stops in a synagogue and listens to the readings for that day.  He is asked to contribute anything he might have to say.

Paul has lots to say.  Beginning with the Exodus, Paul takes these faithful Jews through their relational-history with the God Who chose them as His Own.  Paul leads them right up to the time of John the Baptist, who announces the coming of Jesus by saying, "What you suppose me to be I am not, rather look for the One who comes after me."

Paul is the "Post-cursor," replacing John who "ran before" Jesus.  Paul is a Baptist too, calling out the Good News to whomever would listen.  What has been placed inside him bursts forth when any moment can be seized.

Today's Gospel continues the implications of Jesus' having washed the feet of the disciples.  He begins the slow introduction to them of their being "foot-washers" themselves.  "I solemnly assure you, he who accepts anyone whom I send accepts me and in accepting Me, accepts the One Who sent Me."

We are a few weeks removed from our having been renewed by the Easter baptismal waters.  We have celebrated that God's Grace washes us again and again that we might more quickly discover ourselves as those who are to extend the Good News as did Paul.  We in our turn become eager to seize the moment to be a grace, to be a presence, to be a blessing, because it seems just the right thing to do.

Paul moved from Pathos to Perga and then to Antioch.  We move from stove to refrigerator.  We move from classroom to office.  We move from hugs to heart-breaks.  We move from day to day, washed and ordained by the Eucharist to cease every moment as the sacrament each moment is, to proclaim that there is Good News and we want to live it and become "Post-cursors" in this "Post-Christian" age and precursors of the Kingdom to come.

As we move reverently this day from sharing the word and the Eucharist back into the flow of life, we are encouraged to cherish each moment to bless this world, our relationships, our homes and families with the graced person that each of us is by our having been baptized and sent.

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