Daily Reflection
May 8th, 1999
Joan Lanahan
Acts l6:1-10
John l5:l8-2l
In Jesus' Name

The Kosovo War seems never-ending with no viable answers.  The student and faculty deaths at Columbine High in Colorado unite our nation in grief. Tragedy has no answers, only lots of "why" or "what went wrong" or "we didn't see it coming."  It rends our hearts and tears flow, like Jesus crying over Jerusalem.

In Acts, Paul and Timothy are led by the Holy Spirit to preach the Good news to some towns and to avoid others.  Perhaps their message would have fallen on deaf ears.

In John, we are warned by Jesus that the world will hate us if we follow him.  In previous passages of the "Vine and the Branches" Jesus tells us to "love one another as I have loved you."  Wow, if we are one with Jesus and his followers, we are to love as he loves us...and the world will hate us!  What a legacy he leaves us!

Do we stand out so the world looks at us with loathing?  Do we "walk the talk" of Jesus?  In this culture of violence that permeates our books, newspapers, TV, movies, the NET, do we refuse to be taken in by it?  Do we say, "that's enough.  This has got to stop."

How do we love as Jesus loves?  Let's be Beatitude People: poor in spirit - be generous with others as we try to live simply comforting those who mourn with our prayers and compassionate touch meek - be of quiet strength and humility righteous - build relationships of reverence and justice pure of heart - in the end THERE IS ONLY LOVE peacemakers - work for the resolution of conflict and abuse. All of this begins in our own hearts and homes.

Replace this culture of violence we live in with a Culture of Loving Kindness and Peace.  Live in Jesus' name!

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