Daily Reflection
May 18th, 1999
Lori Spanbauer
Campus Ministry
Acts 20:17-27
John 17:1-11
A singer/songwriter once described why he did what he did for a living. He said, 的知 just doing my work. I知 not trying to write great albums, I知 not trying to write great songs, I知 not trying to do any of that. What I知 trying to do is be faithful. Most plumbers don稚 say, 選知 going to come up with the most original arrangement of pipes here. But, when you flush your toilet, if things go the way they should, you池e very thankful that the plumber was doing their job. Part of our identity as human beings is that we have work, we have things to do. I知 gifted as a musician, I知 gifted as a writer, so I have to do that out of obedience.

We see obedience to God through work clearly in both readings today. Both Christ and Paul are concerned with glorifying God through the work that God has given them to do. To glorify God, we must each do the work that God has given us to do. God creates us each with gifts and talents, and we can best glorify him by using them to the best of our ability and for the good of others. Sometimes we are given big, world changing opportunities through which to do our work, but perhaps more often God asks us to glorify Him in the tasks of our everyday life- within and outside our occupations and professions.

A few weeks ago I moved out of my apartment. When everything was finally moved and the apartment was cleaned, I needed to turn in my keys to the apartment manager. I had only 15 minutes to get to the office before it closed, but I stopped next door to quickly say goodbye to my 93-year-old neighbor, Sena. I had found over the months that I was pretty good at listening to her, at engaging her, and was pretty good company for her on the few occasions that I took the time. This day I chatted politely for a few minutes, but was increasingly anxious that the office would close. I would miss turning in my keys, and would have to make another trip back the next day.  I made many motions to leave, but my 93-year-old neighbor is often lonely and likes to have company. I didn稚 want to hurt her feelings, but I was in a hurry. For several minutes I forgot that giving something to someone else is a work that is not less important than my duties and tasks.  I forgot that using my gifts goes far beyond doing my job. And I forgot to think outside the box about the 努ork that God gives us to do.

After several moments passed, I relinquished my time. I stopped counting the minutes. I gave Sena the time. I left when it was apparent that she was tired, not when I needed to get the next thing done. Of course I missed turning in my keys, but perhaps I accomplished a very small portion of the work that God has on His list of 鍍o do痴.  I can imagine that on His list that day was 都end Sena someone to talk to today. Maybe I became a little more like Paul, who considered his life worth nothing to him unless he completed the task that the Lord had given him. For sure I was honored to again be given the work of God, and grateful for the grace to recognize, if only briefly, what I was created for.

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