Daily Reflection
June 8th, 1999
John Horn, S.J.
Institute for Priestly Formation
2 Corinthians 1:18-22
Matthew 5:13-16
“ . . . Whatever promises God has made have been fulfilled in him; therefore, it is through him that we address our Amen to God when we worship together.”    2 Corinthians 1:18-22

It is refreshing to step back and to realize the meaning of the word, Amen.  In the liturgy, at the end of most prayers, and even in some popular everyday speech, we often speak it.  Amen has a Hebrew root meaning, “to show oneself firm, stable.”  It signifies not only a wish, but also an affirmation that says, “so be it!”

For us the emphasis in saying Amen can only take on the tone of immense, unshakable stability when we are enabled to carry a real sense of certainty in being surrounded by God as Love.

This requires looking at Jesus and conversing with Him inside our hearts.  It is in this willingness to receive, in conversation, that the sheer ability to be certain about God as Love is given.

We are unable to manufacture a firm certainty and stability in faith by simply trying harder to be virtuous or by disciplining ourselves to be more affirming.

Jesus is God’s total affirmation of us, individually and collectively.  Jesus is God’s Amen for us!  In looking solely to Jesus in open heartfelt conversation, we can receive His certain love for us and be guided by affirming wisdom.  Even Jesus’ corrections are filled with tenderness as our pride is healed and our stiff necks are loosened.  Then we not only say Amen; we sing it over and over again!

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