Daily Reflection
November 5th, 1999
Tom Schloemer, S.J.
Career and Academic Planning
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Romans 15:14-21 
Psalm 98:1-4 
Luke 16:1-8 

Today us the celebration of all the Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus.  Many Jesuits also commemorate today those brothers in Christ who are saints with a small s, those who lived out their Jesuit and Christian callings in an unheralded manner. 

The vast majority of we Christians lead our lives in a dedicated but unspectacular manner.  The readings today provide insight into our preaching of the Gospel, not by our words but by our actions.  Talk is cheap.  It is fidelity to the Gospel message of kindness and loving response that Paul stresses today in his letter to the romans and in his other letters. 

In the Gospel reading today, the parable of the enterprising manager has many applications.  The praise of the master for the manager's shrewdness is baffling and draws comment from Jesus, namely, the initiative of the worldly in comparison to that of the other-worldly.  Jesus is pointing up, in a word, priorities.  Am I a Sunday Catholic only?  Am I a pious sabbath worshipper and a bandit the rest of the week?  How much time and effort do I expend on my faith life?  Does my faith permeate my entire life?  All important considerations. 

Sainthood with a small s may be unspectacular, but it is absolutely necessary.  The unheralded efforts of Jesuits and Christians have made a difference.  The Faith is alive!  It will continue to live because the worldly are in need of and are (perhaps unconsciously) seeking other-worldly kindness and loving response in their lives.

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