Daily Reflection
November 16th, 1999
Andy Alexander, S.J.
University Ministry and the Collaborative Ministry Office
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2 Maccabees 6:18-31
Psalm 3:2-8
Luke 19:1-10

"Zacchaeus, you little thief, what are you doing up in that tree?  Come on down here with the rest of us.  Youíre afraid of us, arenít you?  How ironic.  You squeeze us for money, to send to your friends in Rome, but where does all your money get you?  Up in that tree, alone.  And, why do you care to see this Jesus from Nazareth?  They say heís been announcing that the Reign of God is at hand.  That canít be good for the likes of you.  They say he heals people, too.  Thatís why this crowd is lining the road here.  We want to just get close to him, maybe even touch him.  Come on down, Zacchaeus.  For once in your life, take a risk.  Try to get up front and reach out and touch Jesus.  Who knows, he might heal that greedy little heart of yours.  Hey, here he comes!Ē

ďZacchaeus, come down from the tree.  You look so lonely up there.  I want to have supper at your house tonight.  I know you are afraid.  Let go of your fears.  Let go of everything youíre holding on to.  You never have enough, Zacchaeus, because what you are grasping for will never satisfy you.  I love you, Zacchaeus.  Listen to me.  I love you.  Yes, you.  The little guy who never really was at home with himself.  I know what you do to try to look big or smart or tough.  Cool and undisturbed on the outside.  I know how confused and lonely you are on the inside.  I know and I love you.  I forgive you.  All that youíve done.  All that you havenít done.  Let me heal you, too.  Let me make you whole.  Let me heal what you desire.  Let me cure the greed and the lust.  Let me free you from your self absorption.  I know you want to be free.  Hurry down.  Letís go to your house.  I want to show you a peace that is greater than you can imagine.Ē

ďHey, this guy isnít religious.  Heís dishonest.  Donít go to his house.  Youíll never change him.  Nobody will ever change Zacchaeus.Ē

ďYou are all wrong!  I am changed.  Something in me has been healed.  I believe God loves me.  I feel forgiven!  I feel free!  I donít need all the stuff I collected to try to attain stature.  I will pay back what Iíve swindled.  Iíll pay it back and Iíll start being generous.  I have what I need now.  I have what I need.Ē

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