Daily Reflection
January 21st, 2000
Joan Lanahan
Nursing School Chaplain
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Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr - Memorial 

1 Samuel 24:3-21
Psalms 57:2-4, 6, 11
Mark 3:13-19


God calls each of us by name, as Jesus called his apostles.  All of the readings today remind us of God's faithfulness to us, to all whom God invites into a loving relationship.  Sometimes it is easy to remember we are "God's children" and "God loves us."  These are thoughts we have grown up with and are the basis of our belief system.

We have easy times:  when all of life seems beautiful, joyful, peaceful.  We are enjoying what we are doing and all seems to go well.  Our relationships are happy.  We have life by the tail.  It is fun to get up in the morning, see good people, love lots and do good work.  It is easy to witness to a loving, faithful God.

We have tough times, too, when it is harder to say, "God loves me.  I love God."  David rose above his tough time to let Saul live with love. 

We have all experienced being hurt by others and wanting to strike back in anger and revenge.  Some among us have gone through the awful trauma of divorce.  Those who are unemployed in this vital job market, feel left out and alone.  We all have old tapes:  sometimes we blame ourselves when bad things happen, sometimes we blame others - even God.  There are times that life seems out of control and we can easily say, "God left me alone on this one."  These are times we cry out in prayer as the psalmist did. 

Being called by God and constantly loved by God demands belief that God is with us at all times, good times and harsh times.  Sometimes we have to change our perspective, to ask "where-how is God with me now?"  This is especially true when we feel alone or besieged on all sides.

That's the true witness to God's love and faithfulness:  God is with me and us in good times and harsh.  God shows us the way to live lovingly when we listen to our hearts, as David did.

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