Daily Reflection
April 14th, 2000
Eden Foord
Campus Ministry
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Day of Abstinence
Jeremiah 20:10-13
Psalms 18:2-7
John 10:31-42

They Rock Our World

What is it about those people who seem to skate through life, focussed on God and living simply?  They pass through our lives showing us easier ways of living and more meaningful connections to God and others.  Why do they threaten us so?  Are we jealous of how they donít follow societal norms, resentful of their effects on others, or perhaps threatened by how our lives pale in comparison?  What ever our feelings are, we all have probably experienced someone who has rocked our world.  Jesus is that type of person for the Jews in todayís gospel reading.  In fact, some Jews were ready to stone Jesus for the claims he was making.

To get into the experience of this gospel, I imagine putting myself into the scene.  After reflecting on this gospel scene and how Iím burdened today, I admit that I would be holding a rock.  Iím thinking, ďWho does this guy thinks he is to come along and claim to be Godís son?  Why is he discounting religious traditions, reducing our commands down to simply loving God and others?  Why is he attracting so many followers and always providing sound reasoning for any argument?  Why does he rock my world so much?Ē

In moments of honesty, we may admit that Jesus and others like him rock our world because they reveal painful truths by their words and actions.  They stand for desirable possibilities of how we could live our lives simply, focused on God, and in service of others, while we are often focussed our human attachments and hang-ups.  We tend to hold on more tightly to our norms in our comfort zones instead of realizing new possibilities or perhaps more meaningful ways to live.

Jesus and others that shake-up our worlds are Godís gift to us.  They may not seem like gifts as they are, but they are actually opening up possibilities of closer connections to God and others.  If we could just release our throwing rocks and try to understand their message and the wonderful possibilities it may have for our lives, we may be closer to the God that is present in each of us.  Perhaps we are being called to rock the world ourselves.

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