Daily Reflection
May 24th, 2000
Andy Alexander, S.J.
University Ministry and the Collaborative Ministry Office
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Acts 15:1-6
Psalms 122:1-5
John 15:1-8

Dear Lord, Jesus, I am so grateful for this word this morning.  You are the vine.  I am a branch.  Apart from you, I can do nothing.

You remind me today that when I feel "dry and withered" and able to "do nothing," it's because I'm trying to do it "apart from" you.  Those times really feel dis-connected.  It seems so clear this morning.  I try to take myself, as a branch, to this place and that person and try to "bear fruit" and am disappointed when the fruit doesn't come, or I get angry if the fruit turns out to be "unjuicy" or even "bitter."  On the very worst days, Lord, you must smile at my arrogance, knowing that I pull away because I think I can produce better fruit on my own.  

Oh, please prune and heal my independence and stubborn self-reliance.  Let me make my home in you, as you make yours in me.  Let this dry and drooping branch be re-freshed today.  Help me stay connected today.  Send your life coursing through me.  I so want the fruit I bear to be full of your life.  That's how I want my "yield" to increase.  And, down deep inside, I want people to taste the difference of fruit that is full of your life.

You living in me, me living in you, this is what I ask.  Gratefully, humbly, with more trust.  Feeling the reviving juice already. 

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