Daily Reflection
June 3rd, 2000
Joan Lanahan
Nursing School Chaplain
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Saints Charles Lwanga and companions, martyrs - Memorial 
Acts 18:23-28
Psalms 47:2-3, 8-10
John 16:23-28

Picture a dear friend of yours.  You know her/him quite well, don’t you?  Remember a time when he/she did or said something that surprised you.  You learned a bit more about the mystery of your friend.

Apollo had an experience like this.  He thought he knew Jesus and his message.  He was welcomed by Priscilla and Aquila and they told him more about Jesus.  It broadened Apollo’s understanding of Jesus.  He left to preach Jesus’ word and, most likely, in a new way.  Priscilla and Aquila were his teachers.  

Jesus was Martha’s teacher.  With Lazarus dead, Martha and Mary grieved mightily.  Jesus interrupted their grief with a new teaching:  “If you believe in me, you will never die.”  Imagine what a hefty truth that was to believe!  Martha’s response:  “You are the Messiah,” announced her belief.  Then she went to find Mary:  “The teacher is here and asking for you.”

When we are ready, the teacher will come.  That has been and always will be a truth.  There is always more to know, understand, learn and believe about Jesus and God.  There are always people who will show us more of the Way.  

Remember to reflect daily on “God in my life.”  Be open to new faces of God.  Be open…and the teacher will come.

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