Daily Reflection
June 22nd, 2000
Steve Kline
Public Relations
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Sirach 48:1-14
Psalms 97:1-7
Matthew 6:7-15

I hear it every day.

"Dad, can I have . . . ?"

My kids never have a problem asking me for whatever they want on any given day.  They never seem confused about exactly what it is they want.

In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches me to do the same.  He teaches me to ask my Dad in Heaven for what I want.  And He includes a handy guide to keep me from becoming confused about what I want and need.

How can I reflect upon this prayer of the Lord?  Half the time I'm not even paying much attention when we pray it at Mass.

But if I did pay attention, here's what I might be thinking:

God? . . .

Jesus? . . .


Dad? . . . Daddy?

Please assert your Good and help me to remember that your name is holy.  Please be with me and sustain me today.  Help me at least try to find ways to love all of the people I touch.

Please, please, please forgive me my weaknesses and my many failures.  Remake my heart into a fountain of forgiveness, cleansed by you of bitterness, resentment, hurt and fear.

Help me keep in check my desires.

Protect us, because you're in charge of everything and we trust that you will take care of us.  We want to live in your unending peace and inexhaustible love.

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