Daily Reflection
September 19th, 2000
Eden Foord
Campus Ministry
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First Corinthians 12:12-14, 27-31
Psalms 100:1-5
Luke 7:11-17

Iím Just a Foot

We recently attended my family reunion.  Like all reunions there were comparisons made between people, earlier years, and appearances.  At times it seems impossible not to get caught in the comparison trap.  Oddly enough, my family also compares each other using a religious measurement.  We check each otherís spiritual state, while expressing how great our own relationship with God is.  Yes, this is spiritual pride, and doesnít it remind you of the 1 Corinthians reading today?  Canít you just imagine Paul reprimanding the Corinthians for priding themselves on their newfound spirituality and spiritual gifts?

Spiritual pride seems like a common pitfall for Christians.  We can probably all remember a time that we felt a little superior because of our relationship with God or the spiritual gifts He has given us.  This is when Paulís use of the body metaphor makes so much sense.  Our gifts are unique and how we are called to share those gifts to build Godís community is unique as well.  In a real way, we are many different parts of one body, the body of Christ.  I have heard the term body of Christ many times, but it makes more sense to me when I focus on living my part.  

I see my part as a foot of the body.  I spend much time bringing the gospel to young adults.  I do have siblings that appear to be kneecaps.  They follow the call to pray for and help protect parts of the body.  Feet and kneecaps are essential to the body, yet they are uniquely different.  I do know that when I am concentrating on living my call as a foot, I feel most fulfilled in life.  In the past, Iíve spent time comparing myself to those kneecaps.  Iíve since learned itís when Iím fully living as a foot that I slip out of the comparison trap and see more clearly the necessity for all the other parts of the body.

I wonder what part of the body you are?  

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