Daily Reflection
October 30th, 2000
Chas Kestermeier, S.J.
Department of Classics & Modern Languages
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Ephesians 4:32--5:8
Psalms 1:1-4, 6
Luke 13:10-17

Here is one way to envisage what Paul is driving at in the first lines of today's reading from Ephesians.

A certain man was very wealthy and raised an orphan boy with all the love and care that he could.  The boy grew up and wished to show his gratitude and love, but he lived far from his benefactor.  When he asked what he could do to show his appreciation, his "father" told him, "There is nothing that you can do for me that you have not done.  I am already as wealthy as I can be, and your gratitude and love is all that I could ask.  But there, right next to you, is someone I love as I love you.  I cannot be there to show that love, but I ask you to do for him what you think is best, to do what you think I would do.  That is the best way to return my love."

We are those orphans whom God has chosen to include in his family, and if we are truly grateful for all that he has done for us and wish to imitate his love, then we will turn to the broken people next to us, those whom God loves as much as he loves us, and we will show what we have learned from our Father.  Living in the endless wealth of God's love we are free to do and give whatever we think best: we are doing it in his holy name.

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