Barbara Braden
Dean, Graduate School
Professor of Nursing
More about me:

I have been at Creighton for 25 years and have been Dean of the Graduate School for 5 years. 

I am happily single, with a dog and two cats to keep me company.  I have a large garden where I grow both flowers and vegetables.  I like to be active in other ways as well; I walk 3-4 miles per day and, weather permitting, I bicycle once or twice a week during the summer. 

Writing these reflections:

Writing a reflection on the gospel is an interesting experience, because prayer and reflection have always seemed to me to be intensely personal.  However, I think it is important to be open with other people of faith so we can see that it is likely that we share the same struggles when we attempt to live the gospel in our everyday life and find comfort and inspiration from one another. 

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