John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J.
Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Jesuit Humanities Program.
Came to Creighton in 1996.
More about me:

I've been a Jesuit since 1973 and ordained since 1985.  Besides teaching English on the university level, I work with young Jesuits in formation.  I love the intensity of the work and the challenges.  The most important two hours of my work week, however, are spent at The Shelter, a refuge for women who have been battered by their partners.  For a variety of reasons, this labor of love gives meaning to my academic and personal life commitments.  

Writing these reflections:

In truth, reading the reflections of my colleagues at Creighton is as delightful as writing my own reflections!  It's a grace to get to know my colleagues in this way; it's more personal and adds an intimacy to our professional life.  

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