Daily Reflection
September 19th, 2001
Tamora Whitney
English Department
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First Timothy 3:14-16
Psalms 111:1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Luke 7:31-35

When I first read the sermon today, I wasnít sure what it meant, despite Jesusí explanation of his parable.  I thought it could fit along with the psalm which details the glories of the Lord.  I thought Jesus might be saying, Iíve given you so much and you reject it.  Iíve come to help you and you turn me away.  The same way the children piped a song and the others did not dance.  And there are many people like that, who hear the words of God, but they turn away and donít do anything with the gifts theyíve been given. 

But then I didnít understand his explanation, that John came in fasting and they called him mad, while Jesus came in eating and they called him a glutton.  I think that can still fit in with my first analysis that the prophet comes and the people donít listen.  The Son of Man came and the people didnít recognize him.  He piped the song, but they didnít dance. 

Then he says Godís wisdom is vindicated.  The people who believe will understand.  What doesnít seem to make sense at first will be revealed to believers.  And this changes the perspective of the gospel for me here.  While it certainly fits that Jesus is saying I came and you wouldnít listen, I told you and you wouldnít believe, I piped for you and you wouldnít dance, he is also turning the parable around here. 

Yes, the people were given the answers and they wouldnít take them, because the answers didnít look like they expected.  The prophet didnít fit their expectations, nor did the Son of Man.  The people are like the children who are piping in the street or singing the sad songs, and John and Jesus become like the other children who did not fit the expectations.  The people piped a happy song and expected a dance, but they got a prophecy and wouldnít understand it.  They sang a sad song and expected tears, but they got Jesus with his message of potential joy, and they wouldnít understand that either.  The prophet and the Lord did not fit the expectations they had, and they would not listen to their words.  They called John crazy and Jesus a glutton and couldnít see beyond their own expectations.  Jesus says that the wisdom of God is beyond our understanding, but will make sense in the big picture.  Just because things donít look like we think they should doesnít mean they are not right.

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