Daily Reflection
October 26th, 2001
Eden Foord
Campus Ministry
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Romans 7:18-25
Psalms 119:66, 68, 76, 77, 93, 94
Luke 12:54-59

In light of the recent tragedies it seems like we are consumed with horrific losses, Americaís counter-attacks and terrorist threats of further violence.  Terrorism, war and fear have been thrust into everyday conversation and our psyche.  There are striking similarities in todayís reading from Paul to the Romans (7:18-25).  The reading describes Paulís inner struggle between following God and living with desires of the flesh.  Most of us can recall a time when we have experienced similar struggles between following Godís ways or self-centered ways.  We can identify with Paulís inner struggle and have experienced inordinate attachments to things of this world be it food, drink, sex, comfort, safety, possessions, control, power, work, etc.  All of these are good in and of themselves yet, can be detrimental when they are at odds with following Godís way.

When earthly attachments interfere with following God, they become like terrorists to our inner lives.  The attachments surface as extreme cravings that must be met.  They attack our spiritual lives and lead us to satisfy desires of this world.  When these attachments reach the level of addiction, they may destroy the whole of oneís life.  For some, only when their lives lay in destruction do they realize the need to turn to God.  Turning to and following God is the key to the wisdom and peace we all want.

What comes to mind about todayís readings is that our enemy is not so much outside ourselves, but rather the inner struggle that we encounter.  Today let us shift our focus from outside enemies to those parts of us that cause us to stray away from Godís love.  Let us examine our inner selves and wage war on our inner desires that lead to destruction.  Turning to God in prayer and following Godís law will lead us to peace and freedom.  Just imagine how our world would be different if we all destroyed our inner demons.

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