Daily Reflection
December 11th, 2001
Rev. Richard Gabuzda
Institute for Priestly Formation
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Isaiah 40:1-11
Psalms 96:1-2, 3, 10, 11-12, 13
Matthew 18:12-14

ďHere Comes with Power the Lord God...Ē

Through pictures and through recounted stories, the images of heroic firefighters determined to rescue and save have been pressed into our imaginations ever since September 11th.  We are awed at the thought of hundreds of them perishing in generous, but futile attempts to save others.  Determination--unimaginable determination--to save.

No desert-wastelands, no valleys and mountains, no rugged land and rough country are capable of stopping the God who comes to save.  It is not in Godís mind that even one should perish; all are to be gathered into his arms.  Determination--unimaginable determination--to save.

After September 11th we are better able to see with our imagination human determination to save.  What must divine determination be like?  It resembles entering a burning building to save those in danger.  Divine determination is even more.  It resembles leaving ninety-nine sheep to search for the stray.  Divine determination is even more.

The next time we wonder about Godís intentions in regard to anyone--co-worker, next door neighbor, ourselves--we ought to remember:  Godís determination--unimaginable determination--to save.

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