Daily Reflection
December 13th, 2001
Joan Howard
University College
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Memorial of Saint Lucy
Isaiah 41:13-20
Psalms 145:1, 9, 10-11, 12-13
Matthew 11:11-15

This season of Advent is about longing and desire and joy and recognition.  It is a time of man’s longing.  But it also reflects the longing of the Lord for his beloved.  In the first reading of Isaiah the tone ranges from a soft-spoken plea, to a desperate moan, to an angry roar.  The Lord pleas for recognition and relationship: “I am the Lord, your God, who grasp your right hand.”  “Fear not, O worm Jacob, O maggot Israel,” reveals a heightened level of desperation.  The Lord begs for recognition in all that he has done for his people.  The Lord is desperate for the attention of his beloved.  The Lord is desperate for our attention as well. 

In the gospel we read, “…the least born into the kingdom of God is greater than he” (John the Baptist.)  The tone is quieter, gentler.  But the message is just as desperate, just as true and just as immediate.  We are all called into the kingdom.  The Lord is calling to each one of us to be in relationship with him.  In our joys and in our sorrows the Lord continues to long for us.

When our oldest child was just a little boy he developed a strategy to forestall the final good night at bedtime.  He would snuggle into his pillow and just as we were turning out the lights and heading out the bedroom door, he would ask, “Dad, how do you make houses?”  What he really wanted was just a few more moments of our time, attention and being with us in the intimacy of the relationship.  And it worked.  We would return to him and with him relish the added few moments of family intimacy.

Remembering the wonder, joy and deep fulfillment of these frequent scenes makes me wonder what is the Lord doing now, today, to bring me into a deeper relationship with Him?  What are my joyful cherished moments with the Lord?  When was the last time, I turned back in joy and wonder, or in sorrow, as I was ready to walk on and indulged myself in the Lord?  Who, what, when, where are my private invitations to be with the Lord – to enjoy the richness of our unique relationship? 
Wishing all our readers a blessed and peaceful holiday season.

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