Daniel Hendrickson, S.J.

I am a Jesuit scholastic with the Wisconsin Province Society of Jesus presently teaching here at Creighton University in the Department of Philosophy.  
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As a scholastic I am in the midst of a long training process with a goal to be ordained as a priest with the Jesuits.  Being at Creighton is a bit of a homecoming for me.  I was born and raised in Fremont, Nebraska but have not been in this area for a significant amount of time since leaving for college in 1989.  Its great being back in the area, and, moreover, even greater being part of the Creighton University community.  Creighton well represents a passion for faith and justice as informed by important questions of the intellect.  Blessings upon your life and thank you for utilizing Creighton’s online ministries.

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e-mail: dshsj@creighton.edu