John Horn, S.J.
At Creighton, I work out of University College and The Institute for Priestly Formation (IPF). Much of my work September through May is spent at national seminaries and/or working for Catholic dioceses. 

IPF is dedicated to serving men studying to become Catholic priests as well as providing on-going spiritual formation for diocesan priests. During the summers at Creighton IPF runs an intensive program for seminarians, a seminar for seminary spiritual directors and a 35 day program of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.

More about me:

In 1974, after being raised by very loving parents with ordinary flaws, the Holy Spirit, as divine Desire captivated my heart and I fell in love with God.  At the time, I was in graduate school studying Government at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

My parent's care and nurturing Catholic education predisposed me greatly for this encounter with God as Desire.  What made the critical difference however was learning through friends how to notice and to taste the personal love of Jesus' Spirit that was/is immediately present and accessible in the heart of the Church, in Sacred Scripture and Indwelling in my heart.  Prayer had always been something to do.  I learned at age 22 that prayer was really relating to Jesus' Spirit and permitting Him to love me.  What unfolded was the mystery of living in an amazing companionship with Jesus in what Saint Ignatius Loyola called "this least Society of Jesus."  My childlike desire to be a priest met with the Holy Spirit as Desire and the fire of that event changed my life forever.  Life has never been the same since 1974.  

Of course, there have been many ups and downs, sufferings and joys, but all of life is now experienced from within the foundational relationship with Jesus the Christ.  In fact, I don't know myself apart from Jesus.  Along with Saint Paul (in a small way) I humbly and exuberantly exclaim "Christ is my life"  (Col. 3:4).  He is Life!

Writing these reflections:

I pray that these on-line reflections help you to experience the immediacy and accessibility of the Holy Spirit as divine Desire.  God is so eager to reveal to you unbounded love.  Let's pray for each other and for the whole Church. 

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