Todd Salzman
I am in my third year of teaching at Creighton University in the Theology Department. 
More about me:

My wife, Katy, and I moved to Omaha from San Diego, and since then, our family has doubled in size. The new additions are Ian and Aaron, twin boys, who keep us very busy. 

Writing these reflections:

The "Daily Reflection" is an incredible ministry at Creighton University, and I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in it. Oftentimes I find that I have become so familiar with many of the passages/stories in Scripture, that I don't actively reflect on the Good News. Writing these daily reflections has provided quiet, meditative time to return to the Scriptures with full attention and to reflect on what they mean for me in my day to day spiritual journey. It is a privledge to be able to share my own reflections with the wider community, and has certainly enhanced my own spiritual journey. 


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