Daily Reflection
July 13th, 2002
Brigid Quinn Laquer
Preventive Medicine
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Isaiah 6:1-8
Psalm 93:1, 1-2, 5
Matthew 10:24-33

“Whom shall I send?…Here I am, [Lord]”  Isaiah 6:8

“Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed…what I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light.”  Matthew 10:26,27

These are familiar phrases to us because they are used as refrains in songs that are sung in many American Catholic Churches throughout the liturgical year.  They speak to ministry, mission and discipleship.  Indeed today’s first few verses of Isaiah depict his vision that begins his mission as a prophet.  In the Gospel Jesus is reassuring his disciples, and us, not to fear potential persecution or even death because all who do the work of God are under His protection and He will care for them.

Reciting the word of God, not reading it silently, but reciting it, gives us a whole different feel for the words.  When the words are set to music, it helps us remember them.  Even though some of the songs do not use the scriptures verbatim, most of them do use scripture.  For example the song that uses the “Here I Am” as the refrain talks about the power of the Lord to save, to forgive and to love His people.  The refrain is basically saying I will be your hands, your feet and your tongue here on earth.  I will be your disciple.  The verses to “All That Is Hidden” talk about the Lord being in the world in the least of these, that you must take your faith out into the world and witness His love though your actions.

The Psalms tell us to “sing joyfully to the Lord,” not beautifully.  We all need to be singing in church because it allows us to RECITE our scriptures and give praise to our God.  

My Dad loved to sing (He had a great voice.  He was the tenor in a barbershop quartet in college so he knew lots of 30’s and 40’s songs).  Many of my fondest memories are of the times he sang.  He would sing to me in the evening when we were just sitting at home.  Sometimes he would sing to me as I went off to sleep.  We would always sing in the car when we went on family vacations.

I do not have a great voice.  I love to listen to really beautiful voices sing, but I also love to sing.  I sing in private to myself or with my children, but I love to sing along with a group of people for fun, or for praise of God because the better voices help me sing better and they hide my imperfections.  It is always uplifting for me to sing in church and I always feel more comfortable when LOTS of people are singing because then I feel less inhibited in my singing.

Songs have a way of going into our hearts and into our minds.  If you know the song then you know God’s Word and you have no need to be anxious or worried.  He takes care of you just as he takes care of all his creatures.  Sing (hum, whistle) and you will know the Lord is always with you.

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