Daily Reflection
September 3rd, 2002
 Tom Shanahan, S.J.
University Relations & Theology Dept.
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Memorial, St. Gregory the Great
1 Corinthians 2:10-16
Psalm 145
Luke 4:31-37

In reading the scripture for today’s liturgy I got reminded of two very holy Jesuits and the advice they gave me at different points in my life.   Many years ago when I was a novice, Fr. Joe Sheehan, S.J., would say in his brief remarks after I went to confession that I should “put on the mind of Christ.”  Still later, an elderly Jesuit from the New York Province suggested to me that I develop a “devotion to God the Father.”  Today’s reading from St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians ends with, “we have the mind of Christ.”

In thinking about that last line and the rest of the reading, I remembered my mentors’ advice and also was led to reflect on the role of the Holy Spirit – the subject of today’s first reading from Paul.  These three separate pieces  (Corinthians reading, the advice I received from the two sage Jesuits) seem to me to be a practical way of understanding the Trinity in our lives.

The Trinity?    Yes the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – present to me in my attempts to “put on the mind of Christ” and to “develop a devotion to the Father” (note the word attempts!).  How is something like this even possible?  How does this important doctrine of our faith become a reality in our lives?  

It happens through others.  In my case it was the wise and holy brother Jesuits.  The two good and holy Jesuits acted as agents of the Holy Spirit through their advice and encouragement to me.  I am so grateful to them for the ways that they pointed me to God.

The Spirit works through us, too (limited as we are), to bring about a deeper union with God.  Lord, help us all to know that the Holy Spirit works in us to bring to life deep in us the reality of the Father and the Son.  Give us the grace to be instruments of the Holy Spirit through our daily lives.  We are so blessed by those who show your love to us; help us likewise, through your grace, to be blessings for others. 

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