Eden Foord
Director of Student Retreats
Campus Ministry
Since 1998 
More about me:

The two main priorities in my life are family and connecting young adults to God. I'm married to a wonderful woman, Katherine, and we are new parents to Parker Foord who was born March 20, 2000. My daughter, Madeline, turned three December 14, 2000. Both Madeline and Parker are unbelievable joys and have taught me much about the love God has for each of us. 
Being around kids is nothing new. I grew up in a small northern California town with 9 siblings. I remember having a lot of fun and freedom as I was growing up. Also as a child, I remember being attracted to a life based on love.

Directing students retreats at Creighton University is a very fulfilling career. I get to companion students along their journey as they are understanding and connecting with their peers and God in meaningful ways. Their journey is sacred and I really value the opportunity to be part of it. I also teach communication courses, and get energized by witnessing how students become more confident and effective communicators. I have also written two books, Interacting With God and Becoming Like Christ, that are small group resources for young adults. Some of my hobbies are gardening, cooking, playing racketball, and designing web pages. 

Writing these reflections:

Writing the reflections are a mixed blessing.  I'm always excited to share my perceptions of scripture, but I wonder if my words are benefiting others.  My aim is to bring the readings to life for the readers.  In the process of writing I usually get in touch with my humanity and brokenness.  I believe God uses these weaknesses to help others find benefits from my reflections. 

Other links to me:

e-mail: edenf@creighton.edu
web page:  http://www.creighton.edu/~edenf/