Michael Cherney
I am a professor in the Physics Department.  I have been at Creighton since 1989. 
More about me:

I grew up in Milwaukee and have lived in Madison, St. Paul, Hamburg and Geneva. When classes are not in session, I spend most of the time working on my research in high energy nuclear physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island and at CERN just outside Geneva, Switzerland. My wife works at Creighton (in the Psychology Department). I have two college age sons.  

Writing these reflections:

I am very happy with my life.  I am less happy with my faith.  I guess part of my mission is to share where I am and build community with others who are challenged in terms of their faith.

Other links to me:
e-mail: mcherney@creighton.edu
web page:   http://www.creighton.edu/~mcherney/