Richard Super
Associate Professor of History
Director, Montesinos Center 
for the Study of the Dominican Republic

More about me:

Since my initial appointment to the faculty of the History Department in 1976, I've served not only in that capacity, but also twice in the Dean's Office, first as Acting Assistant, then Associate, Dean.  In 1997, I was named to direct the Montesinos Center.  The continuity in all of this is a lifelong fascination with the history of Latin America.  Over the years, I have researched and/or travelled in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and most recently Cuba and El Salvador.

I am also a member of the Omaha community of Ignatian Associates, a lay association promised to participate more closely with the Society of Jesus in its spirituality and ministry.

Since Fall, 1999, when my youngest of three children left for engineering studies in Pennsylvania, I live in splendid solitude with my faithful dog, Gringo.

Writing these reflections:

Initially, writing these reflections always seems a daunting task, especially when I see how many of the other authors have a more extensive theological background and probably a deeper faith life than I do.  So I remind myself that, for any of us desiring to follow Christ in this world, it's a struggle.  And I'm just sharing mine. 

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