Daily Reflection
June 12th, 2003
Eileen Wirth
Journalism Department
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2Corinthians 3:15--4:1, 3-6
Psalm 85:9-10, 11-12, 13-14
Matthew 5:20-26

I love todayís reading from Matthew for an odd reason: it sets such high standards for relationships with others that even the saints among us probably realize they will be works in progress to the day they die. Reality 101 of trying to be a Christian is humbling. 

This reading is a sort of knock on the head Ė a reminder of what a grubby and inglorious daily process loving and forgiving others often is.  It makes me think of the countless ways I violate its mandates every day.  It makes me want to try to do better for just a couple of hours.

Iím driving through rush hour traffic and have to sit through the red light at the edge of Creighton three times because two *%&** drivers donít pull out.  Maybe today Iíll try to chill and enjoy the classical music on my radio instead of fuming.  Thank you Jesus and thank you St. Matthew. 

A member of my family complains about something Iíve done or said.  Hey, it happens every day for SOME reason (canít imagine what!!!!)  For just this day, Iíll try to let the criticism roll off instead of lashing back defensively.  Thank you Jesus and thank you St. Matthew.

 I have to go to a meeting with someone I donít like and probably never will care for.  For just today Iíll to try to swallow the annoyance I feel when she walks in the room.  Thank you Jesus and thank you St. Matthew. 

Jesus says we have to meet his standards to enter heaven.  But even trying to meet them leads to a better life as well.  Iím thinking about my dear friend, Mary, who died several years ago of cancer.  Sheíd get momentarily annoyed with her husband or children then smile her wondrous smile and move on.  She never carried a grudge.  I doubt that she left much unfinished business with anyone.

So Iím grateful for todayís Gospel even though living up to its mandates regularly seems a little like climbing Mt. Everest. 


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