Daily Reflection
November 4th, 2003
Marcia Cusic
Chaplain, School of Medicine
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Memorial of St. Charles Borromeo
Romans 12:5-16
Psalm 131:1, 2, 3
Luke 14:15-24

Today's first reading, from Romans, falls under the category of "The Duties of Christians" and is a marvelous reading.  This reading reminds me of our connection to one another, of our interdependent need, of our contribution to the wholeness or the oneness as members of humanity and as members of the Christian community.   The reading in Romans encourages me to become aware of my gifts and then to be generous in sharing my gifts.  The reading also is encouraging in supporting my desire to identify the gifts of others and then to encourage others to use and share their gifts with humanity.

In Psalm 131 the beautiful message is one of being still.  The message reminds me to be at peace in my day to day living.  In this still and peaceful existence I will come to know, to discern, my gifts and then go gently through life sharing these gifts and in that sharing I experience the wholeness, the oneness of life.

In the Parable of the Great Feast, the message for me is to "Come and partake in life, in community with the Lord and with humanity."  We are challenged daily to live the life of a Christian, to follow the examples of Jesus and to reflect upon the words in the scripture.  Being a Christian can be challenging and difficult and we may want to excuse ourselves from participating in a Christian lifestyle but with faith in God and faith in humanity we can meet those daily challenges.

I have settled my soul!, trusting that God will give me the strength, the wisdom, and the courage to live a Christian life and then I will partake in the Great Feast-that of eternal life with God.


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