Daily Reflection
November 19th, 2003
Roc O'Connor, S.J.
Theology Department and Campus Ministry
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2 Maccabees 7:1, 20-31
Psalm 17:1, 5-6, 8, 15
Luke 19:11-28

It certainly is obvious that the 'climate' of our scripture readings has shifted dramatically.  It's that chilling effect that eschatology has on the bones. 

In the first reading, we are encouraged by another larger than life story from the time of the Macchabean revolt (late 2nd century before Christ) meant to encourage us to be strong in faith and persevere in the service of God as we live now, today.

In the Gospel reading, Jesus challenges the crowds with this tough parable about responsibility for living the Christian life.  The one who reneges and, out of fear, hides his coin, loses what he had.  If that isn't enough, the one who had ten coins gets the extra one.  And, to add insult to injury, the nobleman calls for the heads of his enemies.  Yikes!  Get the point?

After having witnessed earlier this week, the blind man and Zaccheus finding their way to salvation, Jesus gives today's uncompromising words to the crowd.

Why does it take so long to "get the point?"  Why does it take so long to turn fully to God?

One more try: Two old friends, Jack and Ralphie, go fishing all the time.  Ralphie calls Jack and tells him he has discovered the best method for catching fish ever - "It's indisputable!" He tells his buddy. But, he won't disclose his secret find to Jack.  "I'll see ya Saturday at the boat.  You just be there!"

Saturday morning and they're out there on the lake.  It's a beautiful day already on a cool, but soft morning.  Jack is all fired up to find out what Ralphie has come up with.

Ralphie opens his tackle box, picks out a hand grenade, shows a dumb-founded Jack, pulls the pin, and throws the grenade overboard.  BOOM!  Water everywhere!  And, the fish just bob to the surface.  While Jack sputters and fumes, Ralphie calmly scoops out the fish in his net.  "You can't do that, Ralphie!  You'll be arrested.  If I had half a mind, I'd arrest you right now, in fact."

Meanwhile, Ralphie picks out another grenade, pulls the pin, hands it to Jack and say, "You gonna talk or you gonna fish?"

So, are we gonna talk or are we gonna fish?


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