Daily Reflection
December 25th, 2003
Dick Hauser, S.J.
Rector, Theology Department
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Opening Prayer
"Your eternal word leaped down from heaven
in the silent watches of the night,
and now your Church is filled with wonder
at the nearness of her God."

Human reason is speechless in wonder at the  magnitude of the mystery of the Incarnation -- God becomes human!  Is this for real?

And so it seems was Mary herself speechless in wonder at the nativity?  Luke notes that Mary and Joseph were amazed at what the shepherds told them, commenting that "Mary kept all these things pondering them in her heart."  Her response to the miraculous events surrounding Jesus' birth?  No words, just hushed silence and wonder.

And so it is for us.  Our rational minds will never be able to figure out the magnitude of the gift of Jesus' birth.  Like Mary and Joseph we can only wait in the silent watches of our nights and  allow God to reveal the divine love that transcends all our human categories.

Yes, Christmas is the time for pausing in prayer.   With minds stilled and hearts open we ponder before our nativity scenes waiting to be touched by grace and filled with wonder and awe at the nearness of our God -- and to realize more fully the gift of Christmas.


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