Dennis Hamm, S.J.

Professor in the Department of Theology here at Creighton U.

Graff Chair in Catholic Theology.

First taught at Creighton in the English Dept., 1965-67; then in the Theology Department, 1975 to present day.


More about me:

I've been a Jesuit for 49 years, a priest for 37. I'm seventy-something.

Besides teaching, I enjoy leading and preaching at Eucharist, writing about Scripture, both technical and popular pieces.

My entertainment -- movies, theatre, and eating out. My last academic sabbatical was spent at Tantur, an ecumenical research center situated on the south edge of Jerusalem, just next to the Israeli check-point on the road from Jerusalem into Bethlehem. I arrived the day before 9/11/01, and spent the next eight months watching the world from that location. If my reflections get 'a little political' sometimes, that's why.

Fr. Hamm’s most recent book is a commentary on the Acts of the Apostles, in the Collegeville Commentary Series published by the Liturgical Press in 2005.

Writing these reflections:

Writing these reflections is like sharing on the Word at a weekday Eucharist--simply part of what my life is about. I'm glad for the opportunity to listen with and for others.  

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