Daily Reflection
January 7th, 2004
Tom Schloemer, S.J.
Career and Academic Planning and St. John's Parish
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The Gospel of Mark includes many mighty works of Jesus.  The Gospel passage today looks back to the feeding of the five thousand and recounts Jesus walking on the water.  These physical miracles blew the Apostles away.  They were simply in awe—afraid, confused, overwhelmed.

We may not witness physical miracles, but there may be miracles of grace taking place in our lives.  Examples of such mighty works may be reconciliation after lengthy estrangement, recovery from addiction, the born again experience of Jesus.  Accompanying such miracles of grace may be any number of emotions and feelings.

Jesus provides the key to recognizing, understanding, and appreciating these mighty works in his going off to the mountain to pray.  Reflection on experience is necessary in order to discern how God is present and working in our lives.  The first reading points up the predisposition for this awareness, namely, our love for one another which leads to the indwelling of God in our lives.  Mighty works can only take place when we reach out to others.

We may at times envy the Apostles who were witnesses of such awesome mighty works.  We can take heart because the age of miracles is not over.


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