Daily Reflection
January 9th, 2004
Eileen Wirth
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As I was reflecting on today’s Gospel, I decided that it’s a good thing Jesus lived 2,000 years before TV and the Internet. Imagine today’s healing story spreading instantly worldwide.
It’s an absolute nightmare.

Word first got out via email then spread rapidly to list serves and leprosy websites. From there it was a short jump to CNN worldwide – and the media frenzy to track down this Jesus and investigate his claims was on.

When Fox found the former leper, its exclusive interview with him became the day’s top story. This prompted two or three major newspapers and competing networks to investigate the wild claims. 

Frustrated when calls to Jesus’ cell phone were not returned, they staked out Mary’s home in Nazareth but all she knew was he had withdrawn somewhere to pray. He didn’t tell her where. Meanwhile other cure seekers who had heard about the miracle on CNN were besieging her and she couldn’t even go to the well for water. Why did Jesus do this to his mother?????

Since they couldn’t find Jesus, reporters speculated about why he had gone into hiding. No on believed Mary’s tale about him going off to pray. Was he doing a deal with a competitor? Had he fabricated the entire episode? Was he a psychotic in need of care? Was he a menace to sick people who would abandon scientific treatment for a faith cure that was certainly delusional?

You take it from there.

Today’s Gospel asks us to ponder a root questions which fast-forwarding 2,000 years highlights. Do we really believe in Jesus? Would we believe in him if he were a contemporary?

We live in a skeptical age. We suspect miracles and distrust anyone who claims to speak or act for God. We believers walk a fine line between faith and credulity. When we ponder accounts like today’s, we may find ourselves repeating the old prayer: “Lord I believe. Help thou my unbelief.”    

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