Daily Reflection
February 20th, 2004
Tom Schloemer, S.J.
Career and Academic Planning
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The quoting of Sacred Scripture has a powerful effect.  Legend has it that St. Ignatius Loyola challenged St. Francis Xavier with Jesus’ query in today’s Gospel regarding the gaining of renown and power at the price of eternal salvation.  Taking this reflection to heart, Francis went on to become a most zealous apostle.

Apostleship calls for a generous response.  We are not sure what is in store for us.  The crosses that we take up may be various.  There may be major challenges presented to us.  There may also be seemingly lesser crosses which are frustrating and vexatious.  One such cross might be the acceptance of my own limitations.

There has been much written on proper acceptance of limitations, the turning of weaknesses into strengths, and so forth.  An obvious difficulty in such acceptance is my own inflated estimation of my abilities.  Usually a succession of setbacks is necessary in order to gain proper perspective.  Another difficulty is over-complication of situations which overlooks strengths I could utilize.

We are persons of good will who want to live out the Christian message in our worship of God and in our service of others.  We may not feel equal to the task.  Often the main difficulty in the acceptance of our limitations is that we simply do not ask for help.  We may be too proud, too timid, too discouraged to seek the help of others whom God will provide in order to face the challenges, the crosses in our lives.  Just as Jesus was aided by Simon of Cyrene in the carrying of his cross, so there will be persons to come to our aid--if only we ask.


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