Daily Reflection
April 17th, 2004
Tamora Whitney
English Department
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Our readings today give us the effects first and the cause second, but eventually we get the whole story.  After the resurrection, of course the disciples cannot believe what happened.  Who could?  Something like that just didn’t happen.  But it did.  There’s the miracle for the ages.  And then Jesus told them to go tell everyone about the miracle.  Of course, it’s pretty unbelievable.  I’m not sure I’d believe it.  And of course they’re going to get in trouble for saying such things too.  Even though they certainly have a story worth telling, the telling is likely to get them ridiculed at least and in serious trouble at most.

But they do it.  They go out into the world telling about the wondrous and amazing things they saw with their own eyes.  And they heal people in Jesus’ name.  That’s what’s getting them in trouble then in the first reading.  The Sanhedrin thought Jesus as a problem was done with, and wanted to keep the disciples from preaching his words and healing in his name.  They told the disciples they could not mention his name.  This causes another problem.  Jesus himself told them to tell his story.  He is the one who gave them the power to heal in his name.  They don’t necessarily have healing power on their own.  Whatever they do comes from God.  He is their power.  They tell the Sanhedrin truthfully and logically that their power comes from God and they will glorify him and give him his due.  They say they have seen such things that they must tell.  Not even the Sanhedrin can stop this.

Flash forward:  we have not seen these miracles with our own eyes, but we still have to proclaim this.  We still get our power, and everything we have from God.  What else can we do but glorify him and give him his due?  We don’t necessarily have any power on our own.  Whatever we have and whatever we do comes from God.  Especially in these days after Easter we should be mindful of the miracles around us all the time, and recognize that everything comes from God.  We have seen such things that we must tell.  Who can stop us?


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