Daily Reflection
June 12th, 2004
Marcia Cusic
Chaplain, School of Medicine
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The overall theme for today’s readings seem to center around trust and confidence that God will enter our lives and give us direction for our day to day living, with the possibility for radical changes in our lives.  In the first reading from Kings, Elisha seems to experience a radical encounter when Elijah throws his coat over Elisha and startles him.  Elisha knows he must follow the Lord but asks for a moment to take care of the business of saying goodbye to his parents and making sure his people have something to eat.  This reading seems to be telling me that God does give us opportunities to live and share our Christianity, and a part of that life includes taking care of our fellow man (woman).  Elisha is ready to follow the Lord but is also confident that God expects him, as a human, to attend to the needs of others.

The reading from Psalms, like many of the Psalms are peaceful and comforting.  “Keep me, O God, for in you I take refuge.”  That sentence alone brings me peace and security.  I try to live my life trusting that God will in fact, “Keep me,”  will “Help me” and will “Guide me.”   In trusting that God will provide all that I need, I truly am able to live my life not needing power, wealth, or prestige but rather I work toward maintaining humility, charity and love for other people, even people I disagree with!

Finally, in Matthew’s Gospel today I took away the idea that my life is in partnership with God.  God expects me to actively participate with people in my life and to actively share my gifts.  “Let your ‘Yes’ mean Yes and your ‘No’ mean No.”  This statement concludes the message to me, which is, to live out my convictions, knowing the right thing to do, whether it goes against what others might be saying or living.

 Today’s readings remind me to trust, and to be confident in God’s plan for me.  I am reminded to be pure of heart, with good and rightful intentions, and to live accordingly, with love of God and with love for my fellow man/woman.

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