Daily Reflection
October 18th, 2004
Dick Hauser, S.J.
Rector, Theology Department
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To whom do we belong?  We belong to God who creates us in love, sustains us in existence and daily pours out upon us his own Spirit!

Jesus' whole life is a testimony to this God, his most dear father.

And Jesus knew that his Father  had commissioned  him to spread the news that God's Kingdom was even now at hand, waiting upon the acceptance of Jesus himself and his message.

Jesus realized that the message he preached contained the profoundest insight into human existence and the path to deepest human fulfillment and peace; it was simply the best news our planet has ever received.

Therefore with  urgency in his lifetime Jesus traveled throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria proclaiming the message that the Kingdom of God is at hand. And  with  urgency he commissioned disciples to assist him in spreading this message.

The seventy-two disciples have passed away.  We are now the disciples.

As faithful disciples we have already discovered that our fulfillment and happiness comes in proportion to our fidelity to living Jesus' message.

And as faithful disciples  we look for appropriate ways to share the this Good News.  If we truly love our families, our friends, our communities, how can we not share the greatest gift God has given us -- our faith in Jesus?

We belong to God! The truest peace and fulfillment in this world flow from acknowledging and living this relationship. Pass it on!

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