Daily Reflection
December 2nd, 2004
Sue Crawford
Department of Political Science and International Studies
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I will give thanks to you, for you have answered me and have been my savior.

The readings for today set an appropriate tone for an Advent reflection.  The readings all ask us to consider where we place our trust.  They also challenge us to consider where we place our hope for peace and salvation.  What is the “coming” or “salvation” for which we await (honestly)?

I know that far too often I have put my trust and my hope in a terrible god I call “Pace.”  I believed that I would have peace if only I were able to get more work done more quickly.  If only I could satisfy Pace, then I would not be stressed about things undone.  I would not constantly have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that more remained to be done than I could handle.  If only I got the distractions out of my way, if only I could spend less time picking up kids and caring for my family, then I would be prepared for class, meet my publishing deadlines, and be at peace.  I was putting my hope in Pace.  I was expecting Pace to be my salvation.

I am grateful for the ways that Jesus has worked in my life to open my eyes to this idolatry.  I am also grateful that his mercy endures forever as the psalm for today reminds us.  I far too often find myself slipping back to “worshiping” Pace by keeping a mantra of the things that should have been done foremost in my thoughts and, unfortunately for my poor husband, in my conversations.

This advent I want to be firm in purpose, because my trust is in a God who is powerful, merciful, loving, and good.  I want to more fully than ever understand Jesus as my one and only savior.  I want to make sure that my house is built on the rock of His word so that it can withstand the torrents.

Oh Lord, grant salvation! Oh Lord, grant prosperity!


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