Ray Bucko, S.J.

I am a Jesuit priest and professor of anthropology in the department of sociology and anthropology. I also direct the Native American Studies program at Creighton. My dissertation was on the Lakota sweat lodge ceremony. I live in a student residence hall which is a great source of joy to me.
More about me:

I was born in a log cabin on the shores of the Newark Bay in a sleepy little hamlet called Bayonne, New Jersey (exit 14A on the Turnpike). I entered the Jesuits at 19 which always amazes my current students! My primary work is with Native peoples in South Dakota. In this ministry I have been abundantly blessed and have learned much indeed. You can find out even more about me by visiting my web page listed below.

Writing these reflections:

I have been interested in the spiritual potential of the internet for some time so I am quite pleased to be invited to share in both praying with this virtual community and producing some of these reflections. I have consistently been moved by the responses to the reflections I write and am grateful to people who take time to share their reflections with me too.

Other links to me:

e-mail: bucko@creighton.edu
web page: http://puffin.creighton.edu/bucko/index.html