Howard Kalb, S.J.
Chaplain to the Sisters at Mercy Villa and Retreat Master. 


More about me:

Seventeen years ago my Superiors assigned me to the Creighton University Community. My work in turn included being Pastor of St. John’s Parish, Director of the Griswold Retreat Center, and today pastoral ministry.

Now I celebrate daily Mass with the Mercy Sisters at their Villa, work with a CLC group of Senior Citizens, minister pastorally in the area, direct two or three laymen retreats at Demontreville each year and write an occasional Reflection for the Online Ministries website.

Writing these reflections:

It was very satisfying to be asked to contribute to this last ministry since it has helped to keep me learning and growing in appreciation of the Scriptures and in contact with people who are interested in developing a more intimate relationship with the Lord.

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