A list of some of the resources that I find particularly helpful.
Robert P. Heaney, M.D.
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Resources for Scripture in the Liturgical Cycle
Only a few paragraphs a week on the Readings for Sundays and the major feasts.

Fuller, R.- Preaching the Lectionary (Liturgical Press).
Pilch, J.- The Cultural World of the Apostles – Cycles A, B, and C (Liturgical Press).
Pilch, J.- The Cultural World of Jesus – Cycles A, B, and C (Liturgical Press).
Hamm, D.- Let the Scriptures Speak: Reflections on the Sunday Readings – Years A, B, C (Liturgical Press).

A somewhat expanded treatment of the major Scriptual themes for Advent, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost. Outstanding Scripture scholarship combined with exceptional pastoral sensitivity.

Brown, R.:

A Coming Christ in Advent;
An Adult Christ at Christmas;
A Crucified Christ in Holy Week;
A Risen Christ in Eastertide;
A Once and Coming Spirit at Pentecost (All: Liturgical Press).
Resources for the New Testament Generally

Meyer,B.- Five Speeches that Changed the World (Liturgical Press).
Dowd, S.- Reading Mark (Smith & Helwys).
Talbert, C.- Reading Luke (Crossroad).
Wright, NT.- What Saint Paul Really Said (Eerdman).
Murphy-O’Connor, J.- Becoming Human Together – The Cultural Anthropology of St. Paul (Michael Glazier).
Murphy-O’Connor, J.- 1 Corinthians (Liturgical Press).
Johnson, LT.- The Creed (Doubleday).