Daily Reflection
December 15th, 2005

Brigid Quinn Laquer

Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
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Isaiah 54:1-10
Psalm 30:2 and 4, 5-6, 11-12a and 13b
Luke 7:24-30

The unexpected happens! You will prosper and multiply in spite of your fruitless, wasteful behavior. There will be peace and reconciliation, great tenderness and enduring love. The LORD calls you back, REJOICE!

What a wonderful gift. In this season of gift-giving we are reminded of the continual gift of mercy the LORD offers to us. How unexpected! That is not the way we treat each other, yet that is the way we are treated by our God. In a mere ten days we will celebrate the ultimate gift of “God with us,” Immanuel; wrapped in flesh, and insignificant, yet in the fullness of time the Savior of the world.

For our God the least are the greatest. Jesus tells us in the Gospel that though John the Baptist was the greatest person born to woman, “the least of the Kingdom is greater than he.” That is truly unexpected. Do we really believe that? We should, but do we live like we believe it? Are we empowered? Are we courageous? Are we fruitful in our ministry? Do we witness to our God’s love and mercy? Do we rejoice in our gifts? Do we rejoice in the compassion the LORD has for us? Do we extend that compassion to others?

Advent offers us a time of reflection. A time to reflect on the gifts we have been given and what kind of gift we are to others. A time to reflect on our gratitude for the things we have, the people we have in our lives and the abilities God has given us, as well as our material gifts of food, shelter and security. God has given us these gifts for the service of God’s kingdom, not for our own gratification, power, or pride. We are to consider the needs of others as well as our own. We should respect all people regardless of what they have or can do for us.

Rejoice! God’s love and mercy lasts from generation to generation.

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