Maureen McCann Waldron
Associate Director,
Collaborative Ministry Office 
since 1997.
More about me:

The most important part of my life is my family - Jim, my husband of more than 34 years, and two children: Katy, now in business here in Omaha and Jack, a social worker in New York. I think family life is an incredible way to find God, even in (or maybe I should say, especially in) the most frustrating or mundane moments. 

I am a native of the East Coast and came to Creighton in 1971 as a freshman in college. I graduated from Creighton University in 1975 with a degree in Journalism and spent most of the next 20 years in corporate public relations in Omaha.  I returned to Creighton in the 1990s and completed a masters degree in Christian Spirituality in 1998. 

My favorite times have always been family dinners at home when the four of us talk about our days, but now that our kids are away from home, my husband and I are discovering - or rediscovering - how nice it is to have a quiet dinner together.  I also love it when the four of us are away from home together on a vacation or family trip. It's a joy to be with my three favorite people. 

Writing these reflections:

Writing a Daily Reflection is always a graced moment, because only with God's help could I ever write one.  I know my own life is hectic, disjointed and imperfect and I know most of us have lives like that. I usually write from that point of view and I always seem to find some sentence, some word in the readings that speaks right to me, in all of my imperfection. I hope that whatever I write is in some way supportive of others. 

It's an incredibly humbling experience to hear from someone who was touched by something I wrote. Whether the note is from someone across campus or across the world, it makes me realize how connected we are all in our struggle to grow closer to God. 

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