Timothy R. Austin
College of Arts & Sciences
More about me:
I am a comparative newcomer to Creighton, having signed on as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 2001. Prior to that, I had spent twenty-four wonderful years as an English language teacher at our sister school, Loyola University Chicago. Moving created some upheaval (doesn't it always?), but my wife and I are very happy in Omaha. Once again, God has blessed us with good colleagues and an opportunity to help others learn, even as we learn with them.

Megan and I have four children. This year, we can finally see "the light at the end of the tunnel" of college tuition payments!

Meg herself has returned to school to pursue a PhD and we spend what little spare time is left from her studies and my responsibilities here on campus visiting the kids (in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan!) and keeping up a violently colorful flower garden at home.

Writing these reflections:

Before becoming an administrator ("going over to the Dark Side," some of my faculty colleagues would argue!), I spent much of my life in the classroom talking and writing about texts: novels, poems, essays. In that work, I learned that you discover what you think, as often as not, when you try to articulate it for others. The Bible is as challenging, as multi-faceted, as fascinating as any text you can name, and I hope that, in these reflections, I will learn about it--both from the act of writing and from the responses that others may offer in return.

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e-mail: traustin@creighton.edu