Daily Reflection
July 28th, 2006

Beth Furlong

School of Nursing
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Jeremiah 3:14-17
Jeremiah 31:10, 11-12abcd, 13
Matthew 13:18-23

I apply Matthew's Gospel Reading of today to my life and behaviors.

When have I sown on the path? When have I heard - but, not understood? What could I have done to understand?

When have I sown on rocky ground? I certainly resonate with this sower. How many times have I had the best of intentions to sow good works…but, I react to some tribulation and my best intentions falter.

When have I sown among thorns? How many times have I succumbed to the secular world's glitz and the "riches" of the seven deadly sins? Too many times.

When have I sown on rich soil? And, when I have sown on rich soil, what can I learn from this to maintain this kind of sowing choice and behavior?

Can I, on a daily basis, visualize all my choices (behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, motivations) as going one of four directions - on a path, on rocky ground, among thorns, or on rich soil? Before I make that choice, can I always remember this Gospel Reading and choose the dark moist rich soil? And, give thanks to God for all the fruit that is born of my choice.

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