Daily Reflection
November 3rd, 2006

Pat Callone

Institutional Relations
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Philippians 1:1-11
Psalm 111:1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Luke 14:1-6

Today I’d like to reflect on this beautiful letter to Paul, Timothy and “… to all the holy ones in Jesus Christ who are in Philippi…”

I can imagine this letter being written to us…today…wherever we find ourselves. It is a message to all of us who are trying to live faithful lives in response to the Gospel message.

One Sunday -- long ago when I was attending college -- I remember going to the Sunday Mass and the priest began his homily: “Congratulations to each of you. You have made it through another week….” It was a note of encouragement to keep going. That sermon helped me a lot.

That is the same message we are getting this morning in the first reading:

“I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you…
I am confident of this,
that the one who began a good work in you
will continue to complete it…
And this is my prayer:
That your love may increase ever more and more
in knowledge and every kind of perception,
to discern what is of value…”

This is the message you and I need today:
   1) encouragement
   2) knowledge that others are involved in the same life activities of trying to live Gospel values every day
   3) remembrance that God has begun a good work in each of us – and that the good work will be completed in His time.

And finally, we all pray that our love may increase more and more and that we can gain true knowledge and wisdom to know what is of “value” for our Gospel-lives.

May you have a blessed day. Be encouraged to keep going even though your mind, body, and spirit may be very tired; be confident that others are with you on this great journey; be enlightened to know that you are here for His reason…and that He will be with you always … even unto the end of time.

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