Daily Reflection
November 16th, 2006

Chas Kestermeier, S.J.

English Department
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Philemon 7-20
Psalm 146:7, 8-9a, 9bc-10
Luke 17:20-25

I am afraid that most of us read this gospel with great curiosity in the light of the deformation that Hollywood has given us: we look forward to seeing, at the end of time, all sorts of divine special effects, a Cecil B. Demille extravaganza to literally end all such displays.

And yet Jesus goes out of his way to say that we should not probe for such details as to when the end of the world will happen and what to expect rather than asking what it is all about: God's reign, He says, is already in our midst, already in front of our eyes if we are really looking for it.

If the "Rapture" happens, so be it. If the end of the world comes with angels playing trumpets, cornets, or saxophones, harps or Hammond B-3s, that is God's business and I think that I can safely leave it to him to take the responsibility for such choices: my business is to seek the will of God here and now, to love, worship, and serve Him in these circumstances, with these gifts, and with these limitations.

I put the rest completely in His gentle, mighty hands.

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